Car Throttle goes behind-the-scenes at Turbo Technics

Alex Kersten and Matt Robinson find out how a turbo works and how they're made

Car Throttle goes behind-the-scenes at Turbo Technics
Matt Robinson and Alex Kersten from Car Throttle (furthest right) are shown what's what.

Enthusiast website, Car Throttle has released a video following a recent visit to Turbo Technics, manufacturer of turbochargers and specialist machinery used in the turbocharger repair industry.

Car Throttle’s Alex Kersten and Matt Robinson go behind-the-scenes in the video to reveal exactly what a turbocharger is, how they’re made and how they work for its online car community.

Published on Wednesday, the video has so far received more than 110,000 views.

Founded in 1981 by Geoff Kershaw, Turbo Technics acts as consultants to manufacturers, repair shops and independent garages in their quest for quality turbochargers.

The firm manufactures a wide range of direct replacement new, remanufactured and performance turbochargers.

Turbo Technics is also globally-recognised for producing a range of turbocharger core-balancing machines, which it claims is acknowledged by the industry as the world standard for balancing modern turbochargers.

All machines are manufactured in the UK and are backed by UK technical support with assistance from its distributor network.

For further information about Turbo Technics, select ‘more details’ below.

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