How Unilite delivers “superior” lighting for busy workshops

Lighting brand highlights range features

How Unilite delivers “superior” lighting for busy workshops
Unilite is proposing a new era of social responsibility with its latest range.

Lamp manufacturer, Unilite has revealed how it’s workshop lamp range delivers performance and reliability.

A Unilite spokesperson said: “Work in the shadows and then try to carry out the most important repair work on a car and you’ll likely make a mistake or two.

“Of course, in order to navigate this, you grab a torch, but when its output is subpar you can be left in the dark, quite literally.”

Almost all Unilite torches contain Samsung, LG or CREE LEDs, which along with superior reflectors and diffusers, help to deliver on lighting performance and consistency.

Features such as robust co-polymer and ABS plastics, as well as magnetic hanging hooks, pocket clips and rechargeable batteries make Unilite lamps ideal for busy workshops.

The spokesperson added: “One of the most outstanding torches is the PS-IL10R inspection light.

“This has a 1000 Lumen output via its Samsung SMD LEDs, which flood an entire engine bay, underneath the car, or anywhere else that needs completely covered in a blanket of light.

“This is in addition to the extra torch on its head, which is perfect for looking through wheel arches or any other crevice.”

For more information on the Unilite range, check out the online brochure or select ‘more details’ below.

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