Unilite reveals headtorch features for mechanics

Unique features, such as dual power operation, make the headtorch a garage must-have

Unilite reveals headtorch features for mechanics
Unilite's HL-6R headtorch.

A well-lit garage can create the optimum environment for mechanics to work in, but not all corners can be easily illuminted, forcing mechanics to pick up portable lighting, Unilte reports.

A Unilite spokesperson said: “The Unilite HL-6R headtorch is well suited to all garage environments with an array of features to assist technicians, including two LEDs which provide separate functions.

“Its spot beam delivers a 450 Lumen output and delivers a concentrated beam, whereas the 260 Lumen floodlight provides a wider beam for lighting a broader area.

“This helps with either very small concentrated tasks, such as those inside a wheel arch, or those that require a larger surface being lit up, such as being under a bonnet.”

Unilite says that the HL-6R’s most unique feature is the dual power operation, which means that it can be used with either the rechargeable battery or disposable batteries, depending on the situation and circumstance.

The construction of the headlight itself is solid, being made from tough ABS, which helps it to achieve its IPX6 rating and makes it heavily water resistant.

Its headband is constructed with non-slip silicone to prevent any movement.

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