Opinion: Is premium garage equipment worth the money?

V-Tech explains talks quality and finance options

Opinion: Is premium garage equipment worth the money?

When choosing garage equipment for your workshop it’s important to know what the quality is really like.

To avoid breakdowns, malfunction which lead to frustration and workshop downtime.

Many workshop owners instil their trust in garage equipment suppliers that source their garage equipment from within Europe.

Equipment manufactured in Europe has been known to generally have a better reputation for components, build quality and durability.

However this extra reputation comes with a higher price tag, and in a time of economic mayhem, many garages may question the higher prices for premium equipment.

That said, it has been noticed that many garage equipment manufacturers outside Europe have upped their game.

It is becoming more apparent that equipment provided outside Europe now is of a much higher quality and pedigree when compared to those manufactured within Europe.

However, there is evidence to suggest within the industry that this equipment runs a higher risk of breaking down leading to workshop down time and money wasted.

V-Tech are unique in being able to offer all workshops everything from simple standard garage equipment to complete bespoke new build workshop projects.

V-Tech has also recently made their mark in the last five years and have become a top quality commercial garage equipment supplier across the UK.

Their Covid-19 business support allows V-Tech to be able to offer you a range of flexible finance agreements which can be put in place to allow for affordable monthly instalments of equipment.

This way you can invest in garage equipment now, with monthly instalments which suit your cashflow.

V-Tech go above and beyond to ensure that they source only the very best quality garage equipment.

So that workshops are able to invest in garage equipment which is designed to be a long lasting part of their workshop.

For further information about V-Tech call 0208 498 1369 or email [email protected].

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