Valeo to host Audi matrix beam webinar

New Valeo tech allows drivers to keep their high beam engaged at all times

Valeo to host Audi matrix beam webinar
The Audi A3 matrix beam.

Valeo is to host a free webinar for vehicle technicians explaining the benefits of its matrix beam to both vehicle manufacturers and vehicle drivers.

Introduced on the Audi A3, the Valeo matrix beam technology is the latest lighting system used at OE level that enables drivers to permanently have their high beams activated without dazzling other drivers and increasing road visibility.

By evaluating the road scene ahead using cameras and image processing the Valeo matrix beam headlight automatically adapts the light distribution away from preceding or oncoming traffic.

The 30 minute webinar is set to take place on August 21 at 9.30am.

Viewers will learn how the new technology is being incorporated into matrix beam headlights and gain an understanding of the its benefits to both vehicle manufacturers and drivers.

For further information and to register to watch the webinar, select ‘more details’ below.

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