GS Yuasa announces leadership reshuffle

Abe takes over as President and Representative Director

GS Yuasa announces leadership reshuffle

Mr. Takashi Abe will assume the role of President and Representative Director of GS Yuasa Corporation, bringing extensive experience and a forward-thinking approach to the position.

Mr. Osamu Murao, the outgoing President, becomes Chairman and Director. Murao played a key role in GS Yuasa’s recent achievements and expansion, including the opening of the state-of-the-art European Headquarters last year.

In his inaugural address, Mr. Abe highlights GS Yuasa’s legacy of innovation and customer focus. He emphasises the company’s commitment to “innovation and growth” in a rapidly changing world. He positions GS Yuasa’s battery and power supply technology as a vital element for a sustainable future, particularly in decarbonisation efforts.

Abe outlined GS Yuasa’s vision to become an energy management company. They aim to provide advanced technologies for devices and applications driving mobility and social infrastructure advancements. By expanding their battery technology across various sectors, they aim to contribute to a sustainable future and continued growth.

Mr. Abe expresses his hope for continued stakeholder support as GS Yuasa strives for innovation and growth, ensuring they remain a crucial company for the next century.

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