New campaign shows how Sachs shocks perform in extreme conditions

Lightweight aluminium shock absorbers use continuous damping control technology

New campaign shows how Sachs shocks perform in extreme conditions
ZF's winter campaign for Sach's innovative product range.

ZF Aftermarket has launched the next phase of its multi-media Sachs campaign, this time centred on its shock absorber programme.

With visuals shot on the ski slopes of Austria’s Sölden area the ’Fact’ based campaign focuses on the extreme temperatures this component is designed to withstand.

Aimed at all levels of the automotive aftermarket supply chain, the messages highlight how the use of innovative technology, pioneering manufacturing techniques and advanced testing processes ensure that Sachs shock absorbers are made of tough stuff – the reason that every year over ten million new cars roll off the assembly line fitted with Sachs products and why the aftermarket can have complete confidence in the brand.

Continuing the fact-based theme which has already highlighted Sachs clutches for passenger cars (PC) and heavy commercial vehicles (HCV) with facts centred on speed and weight respectively, this part of the campaign focusses on temperature.

By illustrating the use of Sachs shock absorbers in heavy duty alpine machinery, it tells the story of how the part offers premium comfort and support in the toughest of conditions – even in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius.

Proven performance

ZF Aftermarket senior manager IAM – UK & Ireland, Martyn Houghton said: “The knowledge gleaned from its use in robust alpine machinery including snow clearing machines and ski lifts flows directly into the production of components used on the road, allowing Sachs shock absorbers to withstand extremes of temperature, no matter what the road or weather conditions are.”

Comprising of press adverts, a short film and point of sale collateral, the story, aimed at the entire supply chain, from motor factors through to garages and ultimately to the end user, unfolds to explain the parts ‘proven performance’ on the track, in the air, on the ice and for the automotive market – on the road.

The campaign narrative tells how Sachs lightweight aluminum shock absorbers offer an even smoother, more dynamic ride by combining the effects of several lightweight design measures.

The reservoir tube features a variable wall thickness for guaranteed strength where high loads occur.

The other areas are designed as thin as possible in order to save weight.

Volume production of this high-tech product is based on a complex procedure that generates the different wall thicknesses in up to 17 coordinated process steps.

It also communicates how Sachs CDC dampers (Continuous Damping Control) for PC offer perfect damping in any situation.

State-of-the-art technology continually records applicable variables (road condition, weight and vehicle handling) and adjusts the damping force to the external conditions using a valve.

With more than 14 million units installed, they are among the brand’s most popular products.

Stopping distances

Inspection campaigns show that as many as one in seven vehicles tested has at least one defective shock absorber, which can have serious consequences.

It reduces the brake force due to insufficient traction, and stopping distance increases by up to 20 per cent or as much as six meters – depending on speed, vehicle systems and road surface.

Advanced driver assistance systems – such as the ESP electronic stability program, ABS or traction control – require good contact of the wheels with the road to be able to develop their full potential.

Defective parts make it more difficult to control the vehicle during cornering and the vehicle is more prone to aquaplaning.

In addition, it can have an impact on other areas: tyres and chassis components, such as tie rod ends or steering devices, in turn are exposed to greater wear.

Martyn continued: “With a shock absorber to suit every vehicle, the Sachs brand applies unparalleled OE expertise to spare part production.

“Built of the highest quality materials, using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and always tested to the extreme – both in the lab and on the road – no matter what the challenge or extreme of temperature Sachs shock absorbers offer ‘Proven Performance’ at all times.”

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