‘Corsa Cannibals’ return to wreak misery on young driver

Theives strip Corsa of frontend after callous attack

‘Corsa Cannibals’ return to wreak misery on young driver
Car cannibals savaged this Vauxhall Corsa to rob the vheicle of its front bumper. Image: Diane Elkin

So-called ‘Corsa Cannibals’ have returned to Birmingham, stealing the bonnet, front bumper, headlights and air filter from a young driver’s vehicle.

The thieves smashed the passenger window before removing the bonnet, headlights, number plate and air filter out of the engine.

In one shot, a man is seen carrying away the bonnet over his head like a trophy.

The theives spent around 35 minutes ripping the two-year-old car apart as it was parked with other vehicles in Newmarket Way, Bromford, next to the A47, in the early hours of Saturday (16 March) morning.

This is the second time the same car has been targeted specifically for its parts.

Diane Elkin said the car belongs to her 21-year-old son Alexander who is ‘heartbroken’ by the latest theft.

She is now having to drive him to his job at Cineworld in Resorts World while he sorts out the insurance claim.

Driver left to cover heavy excess

Ms Elkin said: “My son is absolutely gutted.

“His insurance will go up again, he has to find £400 for the insurance excess.

“There’s all the inconvenience of getting lifts and he’s just generally upset that these low life scum will more than likely get away with it.”

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: “Police are investigating after two people were caught on a CCTV camera removing parts from a Vauxhall Corsa on Newmarket Way in Bromford on Saturday 16 March.

“The front passenger window of the car was smashed at around 2.50am and the bonnet, headlights, bumper and air filter were stolen.”

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Thieves have often struck in the dead of night and ripped cars apart beyond recognition.

In January, at least four cars ranging from a Volkswagen Up GTI and Ford Fiesta, to a Toyota Yaris and limited edition Vauxhall Corsa, parked within yards of each other on St Saviour’s Road, Jersey Road and Reginald Road, in Alum Rock, were attacked within hours.

West Midlands Police have urged people to lock their cars, park in well-lit areas, and park as close to another vehicle or up against a wall to deter the cannibal thieves.

Have you heard from customers affected by a similar plight? What do you think can be done to combat the issue? Let us know in the comments below.

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