Customer launches civil court action against garage owner and breaks story to The Sun

Independent garage faces claims of verbal abuse and is accused of delaying repairs on a customer's car

Customer launches civil court action against garage owner and breaks story to The Sun
Teri says she needs a car for her disabled mum and her children, adding that she's been forced to rent and buy other vehicles during the five months her car was at the garage.

Osborne J Thomson Motor Engineering in Kilmarnock has denied fierce claims made by a customer who says the garage has been delaying repairs and has verbally abused her.

Teri McClung, 30, has now launched civil court action against Osborne J Thomson, according to a report in The Sun.

Teri had dropped her Mitsubishi Warrior off for repairs at the garage but said Osborne was unclear when diagnosing the issue with the car, going from a belt and crankshaft needing replaced, to an entire new engine.

Terri eventually called the police, claiming that the garage refused to hand over the keys to the vehicle for five months, despite no repairs being carried out.

Terri said: “He’s breached contract so he should now fix it at his own expense or reimburse me for the cars I’ve had to hire and the one I bought.

“My plan was to sell the car but it’s now close to it’s MOT so of less value.

“So I’ve lost out on that money as well.”

“It’s a load of fantasy”

Speaking to GW, Osborne said that he didn’t want to get into a “slinging match” but added: “It’s a load of fantasy and she’s verging on defamation.

“She’s making it up as she goes along and my customers know it’s not true.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland: “At 7.15pm on August 2 police were called to reports of an altercation at a garage on Forge Street, Kilmarnock.

“Officers attended and it was established that no criminality had taken place and advice was given.”

Teri has now dropped a letter from her lawyer and Trading Standard Standards off at the garage but Osborne has refused to accept it.

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    Bryn Archer

    This is standard procedure from some customers who want their car fixed for next to nothing and then when the garage wont do it they leave the car there while arguing the toss about the cost, I applaud this garage owner for standing his ground and hope hrs charging at least £15 per day storage charges after the first 30 days. This woman is full of it! Shes after her 24 hrs of fame.

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    Peter Miles

    OK, we don’t have the full facts here but, to me, it does sound like a complete try-on from the customer. The garage has apparently done nothing to the car and I’m sure would have been more than happy for her to take it away at any time. But instead of that she now wants them to repair it at their expense or reimburse her for buying a new car! Also I do wonder if she was less “easy on the eye” would The Sun have picked the story up?

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    The Sun picking up on a less than dubious article???
    Surely not?!?!?
    Sounds like a case that they have quoted her, she has left it there while she decides what to do, and now wants his first born.
    I agree though, if she was less easy on the eye, then the sun would have not even looked at this “story”.
    I wonder if her being blond has anything to do with this????

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    Sounds like the customer from hell. Usual story, the customer has a vehicle with a nasty problem and suddenly it’s now the garages fault. Her intention was to sell it but she’s claiming the garage should pay for her new car. It seems she knows full well that her vehicle is particularly ill but she wants someone else to pay for it. The shame of it is she could easily win.

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    Eddie Bamber

    We don’t know the full facts, but to me it sounds like a timing belt issue. The garage have advised that a repair can be done at great expense or it could possibly need a new engine. The owner is refusing to pay, or doesn’t have the money for the repair, so the garage have ,eat it in the corner and carried on with other work. The customer is now blaming the garage for not working on it or giving an incorrect diagnosis. Standard procedure with some customers. I would say bring it on, lat’s see who comes out on top.

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    Rashid Ahmed

    Just wondering why this person went to
    The Sun News paper .
    I’m sure the first thing would have been Trading
    Standards .
    Or was it a cheap stunt to be on page Three.

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    Peter Miles
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    Peter Miles, looks like the same person from the details.

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