Government target whiplash to cut motoring costs

Government target whiplash to cut motoring costs

A package of measures aimed at bringing down motoring costs has been announced by government.

The “compensation culture” on claims for whiplash injuries is in the spotlight. Independent medical panels will be set up to identify exaggerated or fraudulent claims for whiplash.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said: “We are turning the tide on the compensation culture. It’s not right that people who cheat the insurance system get away with it while forcing up the price for everyone else – going after whiplash fraudsters and will keep on driving premiums down.”

GP Dr Rosemary Leonard told BBC Breakfast UK rates of whiplash are “way higher” than the rest of Europe and “an awful lot of them are bogus”. She highlighted the difficulties faced by GP’s who generally have to accept patients’ symptoms are as described.

There are also plans to pilot fuel price comparison signs on major roads. Inflated costs, which can be up to 10p per litre, is a common complaint among motorists.

The statutory maximum price of the MoT test for a car has also been frozen at £54.85 until 2015.

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