Breakdowns spike as vehicle warranties end

Breakdowns spike as vehicle warranties end

One in two used cars on UK roads break down around the 60-70k mileage mark as most manufacturer warranty cover decreases

Automotive specialist Warranty Direct’s analysis of 50,000 live policies found that the average annual failure rate on these car was 50.7% with an average cost to repair of £420. Axle and suspension issues are most common, followed by electrical components and systems.

Whilst some car makers offer longer warranties most still provide three years of cover on new cars and all manufacturer policies are subject to mileage limitations usually 60k miles.

Duncan McClure Fisher, managing director of Warranty Direct, said: ‘Even with the much-improved reliability of modern cars, mileage will take its toll on any vehicle and parts will naturally wear out. There is a reason that manufacturers limit their warranties to 3 years/60,000 miles. Even manufacturers offering five or seven-year policies will include loopholes that mean your level of cover takes a dip once you hit a certain age or mileage.’

Warranty Direct is currently conducting the new Warranty Direct 360 Used Car Survey to combine real-world customer feedback with genuine reliability data. To take part and for a chance to win £1000 follow the link below.

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