Motorists resist car ‘black box’ technology

Motorists resist car ‘black box’ technology

The overwhelming majority of motorists want to shelve EU plans to introduce so-called ‘spy boxes’ in cars according to a new poll by Motorpoint.

Their web-based survey found 71.5% per cent of the 2,000 drivers polled opposed regulations that will see ‘black boxes’ built into all new cars from October 2015 to monitor speed and driving habits.

Telematics technology can track how fast people drive, how hard they brake and how many journeys a year they take. It is based on the eCall system that will be implemented by car manufacturers to make it easier for the emergency services to track crashed vehicles. Insurance companies are keen to roll out the ‘black box’ technology for existing vehicles.

Mark Carpenter, Managing Director of Motorpoint, said: “You can’t argue with the benefits of a device being used to make it easier for the emergency services to track a vehicle but the results of our poll are definitive – UK drivers don’t want costly Big Brother style devices attached to their cars which have the potential to track their movements 24/7.”

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