Motorists & trade urged to get the best scrap car prices

Motorists & trade urged to get the best scrap car prices

Over 25,000 UK motorists sold their car for scrap in 2013, receiving an average of £147.54 each, according to vehicle removal specialist Remove My Car.

The company, which works with a network of Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs),  saw a fall in the national average for scrap car prices over the past 12 months. Now the scrap metal expert is revealing top industry tactics that will help motorists and traders get a higher price for their end-of-life vehicles.

One of the most important things is to ensure all of the parts are still on the car. End-of-life vehicles missing an engine will fetch £67.50 less than those with the engine still intact. Removing a catalytic converter will see £30 taken off an average quote. A car without its battery will fetch £10 less.

Remove My Car has revealed some scrap car dealers reduce quotes towards the end of the month to manage workload peaks due to road tax expiry. Motorists and traders who do their research early in the month are likely to receive a higher offer.

Another handy tip from Remove My Car is to remove the tax disc from the car and send it to the DVLA for a refund. Avoid a dealer that claims their value includes the tax disc, this is simply not the case as tax discs have their own value.

“What we’re trying to get across is that it’s so easy for you to get extra money for your end-of-life vehicle, you just need to be made aware of how it’s possible”, said Steve Queen, owner of Remove My Car. “We don’t want to short-change our customers because it means they probably wouldn’t use us again.”

You can view a handy infographic on these facts using the ‘More Details’ button below too.

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