Electrical faults light up warranty claims

Electrical faults light up warranty claims

RAC Warranty have found that electrical faults are the main cause of warranty claims among used car customers after researching data from the last 12 months.

“These parts are relatively expensive to buy and to fit, and illustrate the kind of bills that used car buyers would have to pay if they did not have the safety net of a motor warranty in place,” said sales and marketing director Ian Simpson.

RAC Warranty also found 38% of claims were made in the first three months of cover with 60% in the first six months. The Top 10 claims were for :

1  Alternator
2  Coil
3  Sensors
4  Starter motor
5  Water pump
6  Lambda sensor
7  Gearbox
8  Exhaust gas recirculation valve
9  Window motor
10 Cylinder head gasket


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