Halfords Autocentres invest £1m in diagnostics

Halfords Autocentres invest £1m in diagnostics

Halfords Autocentres has invested £1 million in new fault-finding diagnostic equipment.

The independent garage business has entered into a five year license agreement with Bosch that will see the vehicle electronics experts’ KTS570 model enter service in Autocentres, alongside new tablet computers running ESI-tronic software, to deliver more accurate fault diagnosis capability among its 300 strong garage network.

The majority of Autocentres will receive the new Bosch units but a proportion of the busiest garages will instead benefit from new Launch branded engine diagnostic equipment.

Technical training manager Satnam Singh said: “Engine diagnostic equipment has a shelf life and it is essential to keep abreast of vehicle and software changes in order to effectively identify and resolve faults first time.

“These units will be deployed strategically to provide our technicians with the most appropriate tool for the job – minimising the time that vehicles spend off the road for our customers whilst also increasing our capacity.”

Halfords say using a combination of the two units throughout its garage network will enable Autocentres to identify and rectify faults as efficiently as possible on the widest variety of marques.

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