Fuel efficient driving tips to save 20%

Fuel efficient driving tips to save 20%

SMMT’s new campaign claims the average driver could save 20% on fuel bills in a new campaign. Here’s how :

  • Read the road
    Anticipate the actions of other motorists and the road ahead to reduce harsh acceleration and braking
  • Reduce drag
    Stay streamlined by removing roof/cycle racks when not in use and keepwindows closed at high speed 
  • Keep tyres inflated
    In the UK around 10 million cars typically have dangerously under-inflated tyres. Correct inflation would save one million tonnes of CO2 emissions and around £440 million in fuel costs per year
  • Remove excess weight
    Removing unnecessary items is a cheap and easy way to reduce fuel consumption
  • Be energy smart
    Only use air conditioning systems when necessary, opening windows at lower speeds can better for fuel efficiency
  • Consider a driving efficiency course
    Making a 20% cut in your fuel bill could add pounds to your pocket, so investing in a driving efficiency course could pay off
  • Regularly service your car
    Using vehicle specific oil, replacing air filters and checking wheel alignment can make an important difference to fuel consumption
  • Buy a newer vehicle
    Today’s cars are around 23% more efficient than they were just 10 years ago, so this one can’t be ignored!

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