Braking technology could ‘make multi-car pile-ups history’

Braking technology could ‘make multi-car pile-ups history’

Following the 130 vehicle pile-up in Kent recently, motor industry research body Thatcham suggest future avoidance requires more than road safety initiatives.

Instead, they say vehicle manufacturers need to roll out new braking technologies that avoid collisions automatically. Thatcham believes the widespread use of Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems could make multi-car crashes “history by the end of the next decade” with Chief Executive Peter Shaw saying evidence of AEB technologies’ effectiveness was “undeniable”.

Thatcham have been researching and testing AEB systems for the last 3 years and believes the technology has the potential to eliminate the most serious crashes outright. Many UK insurers have already begun to offer AEB-equipped cars favourable insurance rates. Currently 20% of new UK cars have AEB systems. International safety body Euro NCAP intends to incorporate the Thatcham test into its overall vehicle safety standard from 2014 onwards.

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