Hot spots revealed as car thefts keep falling

Hot spots revealed as car thefts keep falling

A new study commissioned by Intelligent Car Leasing reveals the difference in car theft levels per head in all areas across England and Wales.

The researchers obtained car theft data through freedom of information requests to 42 police constabularies across England and Wales. This data was then cross-referenced with population sizes for each policing district to give a comparable per head figure across the whole country.

The highest car theft areas were City of London, Greater Manchester, Metropolitan (Greater London), Thames Valley and Warwickshire whilst the lowest were Devon and Cornwall, North Yorkshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire and Norfolk.

Over the long term, car thefts are in decline; for all police forces in the study it can be seen that for every single one of the past 10 years, car thefts have fallen. This drop in thefts is due to advances in vehicle identification records and key verification technology.

Overall, the south has nearly 5% more car thefts per head than the north, largely due to a disproportionately large number of thefts in the City of London area.

Advice for deterring car thieves :

  • Don’t leave your car turned on and unattended even when making a very short stop
  • Keys should be stored in a secure place in your home away from windows and letter boxes
  • Keep any valuables in the car well out of sight when the vehicle is parked
  • Visual deterrents can help stop your car being targeted, a good example is a steering wheel lock.
  • When parking in public places try and stay in well-lit areas in sight of CCTV.

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