‘Ladies night’ draws crowds for Burton garage

An evening aimed at teaching women more about cars attracted dozens of local motorists eager to learn more

‘Ladies night’ draws crowds for Burton garage
Eager motorists gather round.

30 women drivers attended ‘Ladies Night’ at Crescent Motoring Services in Burton according to The Derby Telegraph, to find out more about cars in a female-friendly environment.

Topics covered included basic car maintenance, common MOT failures and tyre air pressure, tyre tread and how to change tyres.

The popular event – which was being held for the fifth time – aims to give women more independence when it comes to fixing cars.

Other useful advice covered interpreting dashboard lights along with checking water and oil levels.

The events are the idea of Crescent Motoring Services Managing Director Steve Tallett.

“We have run the evening for a few years now and we enjoy it,” he said.

“I have three daughters and I know none of them are particularly good around cars.

“There is never a convenient time to break down, but usually when you do it’s teeming down with rain and it’s dark.

“It’s empowering for women to look after themselves, particularly a lone woman driving in a dark evening.

“It’s nice to know they are going away because they will be safer and they know what they are doing.”

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