Cabin air filters, summer seller to reduce allergies

Cabin air filters, summer seller to reduce allergies


Spring time can see allergy sufferers. Pollen in the air can cause teary eyes and sneezing noses. Drivers are directly exposed to airborne pollen from their ventilation system. The is in addition to pollutants such as dust, soot or diesel exhaust fumes (themselves recently re-classified as carcinogenic).

Unpleasant symptoms include coughing, sneezing and headaches – especially among allergy sufferers and asthmatics. The mixture of pollutants is augmented by “the tunnel effect” where as much as six times the amount of pollutants enter the car cabin as exhaust fumes released by cars ahead that are sucked into the car interior through the air conditioner in concentrated form.

Most ventilation systems now  include dust and pollen filters right from the factory. But customers need to be reminded that cabin air filters should be changed on a regular basis to work properly.

Specialists Corteco suggest: “A lot of work remains to be done to keep drivers up to speed. Most of them haven’t the slightest idea they have a cabin air filter in their car, not to mention that it should be replaced once a year”.

Once a filter is clogged air cannot get through. Tell tale signs include car windows that fog up more in the winter. Allergy sufferers need to be reminded in simple terms of the benefits of changing pollen filters regularly. The cost is low enough to upsell at service to bring in valuable additional revenue and spring and summer is the perfect time to introduce the subject to your customers.

For many applications spending a little bit more on carbon activated filters will absorb unhealthy gases such as ozone, benzole, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.


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