Delaying repairs can cost drivers more

Delaying repairs can cost drivers more

A poll of 2,000 motorists has revealed 43% of UK motorists drive vehicles that have some form of damage.

Damaged bodywork was the most common issue, cited by more than half of motorists who admitted driving damaged cars. Cracked or chipped windscreens can in at 14%, then it was bald tyres (9%), damaged wipers (9%) and illuminated dashboard warning lights (9%) were also commonly cited.

Lack of money was the main reason motorists give for not fixing problems, cited by almost a third. 29% of drivers said they were happy to live with the problem while 13% said they did not have the time to get their vehicle fixed. One in 10 drivers said they simply ‘can’t be bothered’, with 6% waiting until their next MoT or service to get the problem professionally fixed.

Many of the problems mentioned present both immediate danger to drivers and other users and the potential to become worse and cost more money further down the line.

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