Female sales professionals “most trusted”

Female sales professionals “most trusted”

A recent survey by Insurance4MotorTrade polled over 400 people to determine the personalities that sell when dealing with car salesmen. They tested five different stereotypes to see who customers trusted to get them the best deal whilst being easy to deal with.

  • In 5th place was the ‘Arthur Daley’ type as the salesman with the ‘gift of the gab’ trusted by just 2.3%
  • In 4th place was the ‘wide boy’ part-time independent or ‘backstreet’ trader polling just 6.49%. Whilst people thought there might be opportunities to get a good price they were generally put off by the risks
  • In 3rd place were private sellers, with one fifth of the vote. The attraction for consumers with their wits about them was invariably price. Those who felt confident in their own knowledge were much more assured than novices who saw it as more of a minefield.
  • In 2nd place came the traditional ‘suited and booted’ male car sales professional, with 29% of the vote. The positives were these salesmen often worked for reputable companies in full-time positions and knew both the subject their customers to make useful recommendations. But downsides were sales technique; whilst it might generate short term results labels like ‘pushy’ were often applied.
  • So 1st place went to female car sales professional with 42% of the votes. The advantages generally centred on perceptions of being ‘most trustworthy’ and in being empathetic in understanding requirements. Many also felt that female sales professionals were more open to suggesting family cars, and would consider safety as well as  car looks and value for money.

Chris Lear, managing director at Insurance4MotorTrade said; “The majority of those we spoke to agreed that sales women were less pushy, focusing less on the deal and more on helping the driver get a new vehicle that was really right for them.”

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