Independent opportunity as dealer service advisers struggle to sell

Independent opportunity as dealer service advisers struggle to sell

Independents are being presented with sales opportunities according to research by BTC.

The automotive training and consultancy firm found dealerships miss out on 57% of  warning light work at an average of £35.45 revenue per job. The sample of 1,000 franchised dealerships showed red or amber warnings during the electronic vehicle health check were often ignored.

Data from over 1 million vehicle checks during the first half of this year was analysed, finding £89 million worth of missed work where cars registered an amber warning. Urgent red warning light work was just below 10% of this level. With just 17% of work converted, a large amount will filter down into the independent aftermarket sector.

Guy Allman, Chief Executive at BTC, said: “Dealerships are letting sales slip away. We regularly see advisers struggling to sell red items because they have insufficient knowledge. A technician who understands a red item will be able to better communicate the risk to the customer and convince them.

“Amber items should not be ignored as a sales opportunity. Identifying items with impending repair work is the most effective way to build a relationship over time. They will understand the value of having the work done at the time or are more likely to return when the repair work becomes more urgent.”

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