Recreate ‘as new’ ride and comfort levels

Recreate ‘as new’ ride and comfort levels

As a vehicle ages wear and tear mean steering and suspension vary from the original specifications. The result can be a driving experience far removed from factory levels with issues like drift, uneven tyre wear or vibration creating nuisance.

“Many drivers simply attribute these to an ageing vehicle or aftermarket servicing,” explains Paul Beaurain, managing director of wheel servicing equipment specialist Pro-Align. 

Wheel alignment is known to reduce tyre wear, fuel consumption and improve handling. Hunter’s HawkEye Elite TD can now conduct a full 14 point, four wheel alignment check, including a critical rolling compensation and results printout in just 90 seconds. With an extensive database containing the exact geometry settings specified by all of the world’s major motor manufacturers, workshops can quickly and easily return the car to its original settings.

Nuisance vibrations are often caused by “road force variation” as tyre sidewall ‘stiff spots’ transmit the reduced flex through the vehicle as vibration. Hunter’s ‘Force Matching’ means the tyre’s stiff spot can be matched with any low spot on the wheel rim to cancel out or minimise vibration.

The Road Force Touch (RFT) balancer applies a load roller to the tyre during the balancing process, effectively taking the wheel for a road test, identifying any errors in the wheel and rim assembly. Then by undertaking the rim runout and identifying the rim’s low spot, the RFT can pinpoint the tyre’s stiff spot. Rotating the position of the tyre on the rim then minimises vibrations.



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