‘Service skippers’ show the importance of MOT

‘Service skippers’ show the importance of MOT

New research reveals that more than one in three motorists (39%) are thinking of skipping their next service, so for nearly 13 million motorists, the MOT test could be the only time their vehicle undergoes any kind of safety inspection.

Drivers in the South West appear most likely to ‘skip’ service, with 45% admitting they may do. This is double that of Scotland where only 22% of motorists said the same, the lowest in the UK

Worryingly, one in ten said they ‘never’ check their tyres, whilst 15% admitted they are currently experiencing a problem with their brakes but are not actively looking to repair it. The findings reinforce the importance of the MOT test for road safety throughout the UK.

September is traditionally the busiest month for MOTs. 2010 saw 17% of annual sales in the month, meaning 335,000 cars will be MOT’d for the first time this month.

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