Customers commend WAIglobal

Aftermarket businesses report satisfaction with supplier

Customers commend WAIglobal
The WAI window regulator range offers 1800 parts covering 73,000 applications.

WAIglobal has received excellent feedback from NEXUS Automotive International SA, a global alliance of automotive aftermarket leaders, on its range of window regulators, the supplier has reported.

Kostas Daskarolis, vice president of Viacar Greece, said: “We introduced WAI window regulators into the Greek market last year.

“From the very beginning the feedback from the market was positive due to the comprehensive range, package and most importantly, the price.”

WAI supplies products across the globe and has built up a solid reputation in the independent aftermarket.

Daskarolis continued: “Now I am happy to admit that we have a success story as we can combine all of these positive factors with WAI’s good quality too.

“We have sold hundreds of products already with zero claims.”

All WAI window regulators are produced to OE quality and undergo validation testing before being released to the market.

This includes checking elements such as: endurance, humidity, power thermal cycling, vibration, salt spray and thermal shock.

Products are ISO9001, TS16949 and ISO14001 certified.

Technicians can benefit from the range’s anti-pinch and comfort function technology, improving ease of fit.

There is no fitment difference between WAI’s manual window regulators for passenger vehicles and the commercial vehicle range, minimising hassle for garage technicians.

Meanwhile, another NEXUS member, Pelloni Ricambi of Italy has also embraced the product group.

Giuseppe Montorsi, managing director, said: “We have been happily surprised with the supply of WAI products right from the start.

“We did not expect such positive feedback at such an early period.

“This allows us to believe even more in this project and we are proud to contribute to its growth.

“Thanks to the wide range of window regulators and the competitive price, we aim to conquer a market still unexplored by Pelloni Ricambi.

Richard Welland, managing director – EMEA IAM VP global marketing, concluded: “We are fully committed to delivering products and service of exceptional quality throughout the world and work relentlessly to ensure customer demand is met on a global stage.

“It’s fantastic to receive this feedback on our range of window regulators from NEXUS members.”

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