Dacia making plans to launch “shockingly affordable” electric car

Budget manufacturer to tap into Renault-Nissan electric vehicle technology to launch its own affordable electric car

Dacia making plans to launch “shockingly affordable” electric car
Dacia will use its position as part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance to develop affordable electric vehicles.

Dacia, which currently sells the cheapest new car available in the UK, is to apply its budget philosophy to fully electric vehicles, Auto Express has reported.

Dacia’s European chairman Jean Christophe Kugler told Auto Express that the electric vehicle will remain true to the Dacia brand’s ethos.

He said: “We will remain shockingly affordable.

“We won’t change our brand territory.

“We will benefit from the Alliance strength and the proven technology – so we can fit that to a Dacia.

“We have all the [electric] technology ready and on the shelf.

“Being part of the bigger Alliance means when we need a technology, we have it.

“We don’t have to negotiate.”

Dacia is likely to borrow heavily from electric cars manufactured by parent company Renault which produces EVs such as the Zoe.

The brand is yet to confirm a timeline but indicated it would be in three or four years away, indicating a 2020/2021 launch.

Dacia has also hinted that it will branch out into autonomous technology too.

“Electrification of the market is obvious,” Kugler added.

“Autonomy and connectivity will also be increased.”

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    French AND electrics aren’t usually a good combination so let’s hope they get it right

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