Diagnosing and replacing window regulators

Technical tips and step-by-step checks you need to know about

Diagnosing and replacing window regulators
Bowden window regulator system.

Parts Manufacturer, WAI Global has published technical tips on window regulator best practice to help technicians diagnose the fault and install a new window regulator assembly.

On pressing the switch, if you hear the motor operating followed by a grinding noise the parts manufacturer explains that the cable is likely to have let go from the mount – you need a new assembly.

If you hit the switch and the dome light dims, it means the switch is operable and if you can hear the motor running that means you have a mechanical issue somewhere that is typically causing the motor to work harder.

Regulator failure

Common causes of failure include the window falling off the track, ungreased window channels and broken or warn component within the window regulator assembly.

If the window is still inoperable, WAI Global advise technicians to check ensure the fuse has not blown and also check that the window switch is working with a multi-meter or test light.

Remove the interior trim panel and check to make sure that the connector for the window regulator is plugged in.

Look for power at the motor

If the motor is not receiving power and the above diagnostics have been done then you should check for broken wires within the door and also in the door jams where the wires go from the car to the door and replace where necessary.

Lastly, apply the correct amount of 12-volt power from an alternative power source to the window regulator assembly and check to see if it works.

Before attaching glass to the window regulator, make sure the window is in the window channel and that there is no debris obstructing the function of the regulator.

Remember to inspect the mating components for irregular wear and grease the window regulator rails.

For more information, go to the new WAIglobal UK website by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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