Drink driver crashes BMW during test drive

Police arrest drink driver and later find out the car had been taken from a car dealer

Drink driver crashes BMW during test drive
No one was injured but the car is thought to be a write-off.

A man, found to be under the influence of alcohol, took a BMW 120i from a garage forecourt without permission before crashing it into the side of a retail shop and street light.

The garage had earlier handed the man keys to several vehicles but he took it upon himself to take the BMW for a test drive.

The driver’s wheel had been almost completely detached and the underside of the car left large scratch marks in the surface of the road.

The shop was also severely damaged in the collision.

In a statement, Cross Street Garage said: “The customer was provided with a number of keys to make a decision as to which vehicle he would prefer.

“The customer decided upon himself to take this vehicle out on a test drive without the permission of Cross Street Garage.

“The local authorities have dealt with this individual and we have left it in their hands.

“We are glad that nobody was injured or hurt in this accident.”

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