Driver defends taking up two spaces and insists he pays for two tickets

Nissan 300Z owner brags about parking technique on social media but many are unimpressed

Driver defends taking up two spaces and insists he pays for two tickets
Chris Jameson vowed to park across two spaces to avoid dents and scratches to his Nissan 300Z.

A 27-year-old that took to social media to announce that he will be parking his newly acquired Nissan 300Z across two parking spaces has been branded “selfish”.

Chris Jameson, who claims that eight of his cars that he’s owned 2012 have been scratched or dented by careless drivers, has now vowed to park his Japanese import in the middle of two spaces to avoid any scrapes.

Mr Jameson, from Lowestoft in Suffolk, said: ‘I’m considerate about where I park.

“I’m just trying to minimise the damage to my car as much as I can.

“I pay for two tickets.

“I can see why people get p***ed off when people park badly, I hate that myself.

“But I always park well within the lines, leave a good space either side of my car.

“It’s a Japanese import, a really rare car.

“I’ve only had it a few weeks.

“The car I had before this was a BMW and that was damaged, my Audi TT before that was, and my Nissan 200 SX had the same thing happen.

“And my Toyota before that.”

Responding to Jameson’s social media post, one user wrote: “It’s difficult enough trying to find a space without emasculated drivers taking two spaces for their toy.”

One woman said: “So where does it end?

“Can he take up two lanes on a motorway for fear someone may pull into him.”

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