Driver turns down £10,000,000 for ‘world’s most expensive’ number plate

F1 plate currently registered to entrepreneur's Bugatti Veyron SuperSport

Driver turns down £10,000,000 for ‘world’s most expensive’ number plate
The sought-after F1 number plate currently appears on a Bugatti Veyron SuperSport. Image: Afzalkahn.

The owner of a personalised ‘F1’ number plate has refused a £10,000,000 offer for it and says he’ll never sell.

Entrepreneur Afzal Khan bought the number plate from Essex Council for £440,625 in 2008.

Mr Khan said: “I have more than sixty unique registration numbers from 1 NVV and 4 AK to NO 4 and K4 AHN.

“For the recent Royal wedding I put 4HRH on a four-wheel drive Mercedes and within days I had an offer of £1 million for it.

“Every registration number tells its own story which generates interest in its history – and whoever is behind the wheel.

“You could put a short plate on a rubbish car and it makes it look so much better – it’s the cleanliness, the simplicity” expert Angela Banh said: “F1 is an outstanding registration.

“Ever since Mr Kahn bought the plate from Essex County Council in 2008 we have been watching with interest to see whether he decides to keep it for himself.

“Number one registrations are always highly-sought after and command good prices but F1 is a special case.

“Not only does it have obvious appeal to anyone concerned with Formula 1 motor racing but also anyone who wants to make an impression behind the wheel.”

She added that if Mr Khan does decide to sell, it is likely to set a new record price as the “most expensive registration in the world”.

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