Drivers report advantages of brake disc skimming

Haweka explains how to drive business to workshops

Drivers report advantages of brake disc skimming
Before and after Pro-Cut brake disc skimming.

The consumer website Skim my Discs drives business to independent workshops by ensuring customers are happy with their brakes, according to Haweka.

The distributor has published drivers’ responses to brake disc skimming on their vehicles.

The Pro-Cut PFM 9.1 DRO machines discs directly on the vehicle.


Using Pro-Cut is supplementary to changing discs.

Skimming brake discs is not intended to stop garages from selling discs when they need to be changed.

The process improves braking when discs don’t need to be changed – either because only the pads are being changed or the car has brake judder.

After a Pro-Cut brake disc skim, drivers report:
  • Improved braking performance
  • Brake vibration problems have been resolved
  • No bedding in required

By skimming part-worn discs in this way, workshops can deliver quality brake service.


For an in-workshop demonstration of the Pro-Cut PFM 9.1 DRO, click ‘more details’ below.

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