DVSA makes changes to MOT testing service in bid to improve security

MOT security cards to be used once a day and passwords must be updated, says agency

DVSA makes changes to MOT testing service in bid to improve security
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The DVSA has confirmed that it has made a number of changes to the MOT testing service in a bid to make it more secure and easier to use.

The MOT testing service will soon only require users to use their security card to log in once a day – a username and password is all that’s required for the remainder of that day.

Ian Marsh, trade engagement manager at DVSA, said: “This will make logging in and out quicker, saving you time and effort, particularly if you have lots of vehicles to test.

“If we notice any changes to the way you log in during the day, you’ll be prompted to use your security card again.

“Our aim is to make the system easier to use and to pave the way for more advanced security tracking in the future.”

Password requirements

The agency has said users will need to update their passwords and make them more secure after it found many passwords weren’t secure enough.

New passwords need to be at least eight characters, with at least one number and should be a mix of upper and lower case letter.

Ian Marsh said: “We know that having to come up with secure, strong passwords can be a pain, but it’s really worthwhile to make sure the MOT testing service remains secure.

“After all, the information stored there can be quite sensitive.

“And the possible risks involved in someone gaining access to your account don’t bear thinking about.

Fraudulent MOTs

“It’s entirely possible, for example, that someone could use your account to issue fraudulent MOT certificates if they managed to get access to it.

“This could not only mean potentially dangerous vehicles are allowed on the road, but could also damage your business and your reputation.

“We’ll take disciplinary action against anyone who uses an account fraudulently.”

The DVSA has also introduced ‘event history’ to the testing service which records interactions with DVSA, such as vehicle inspections carried out and site visit results.

The feature has been launched in preparation for the new site review process which is to introduced later this year.

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