DVSA to change MOT vehicle registration and puts record straight on emissions and MIL

Agency outlines plans to reduce number of vehicles registered incorrectly and advises on MIL failures

DVSA to change MOT vehicle registration and puts record straight on emissions and MIL
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The DVSA has said it plans to update the MOT Testing Service to reduce the number of vehicles registered incorrectly during the MOT.

Changes are expected to be made to the vehicle registration screens in the coming months.

Head of MOT policy at the DVSA, Neil Barlow said: “We’ll be making some changes to the vehicle registration screens so the vehicle make, model and colour will be even clearer to help testers get the right match.

“We’re also getting nearer to allowing plug-in to the vehicle diagnostic port.

“This will mean we’ll be able to get the vehicle VIN directly.”

In the meantime, testers have been advised to ensure they take the vehicle registration mark and vehicle identification number from the vehicle rather than a job card or online look-up service.

Malfunction indicator lamp failures

Addressing confusion following the introduction of the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) to the test, the DVSA has confirmed that it is reasonable to fail a vehicle for having a lit MIL even if it passes the tailpipe emissions test.

Explaining the DVSA reasoning, Neil Barlow said: “Emissions are controlled by various sensors in the engine management system.

“If the system detects a fault or abnormal reading, then the engine MIL will illuminate.

“While the vehicle may pass the tailpipe test with the MIL on, emissions are not likely to be within limits during real world driving.”

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    The DVSA has outlined plans to update the MOT Testing Service to reduce the number of vehicles registered incorrectly during the MOT. The agency has also issued advice to put the record straight on malfunction indicator lamp failures for vehicles that have passed the tail pipe emissions test.

    Find all the latest from the DVSA here…

    [See the full post at: DVSA to change MOT vehicle registration and puts record straight on emissions and MIL]

    #169478 Reply
    Peter Miles

    But part of the test is to check the VIN number. An illegible or missing one is a fail so how does getting the number from the cars own system help with that?
    Also what if the car has had a second hand ECU fitted with the old VIN not updated? You’re going to get the wrong number!

    #169480 Reply
    Dee cools

    Who is paying for the odb adaptor and software
    Is it WiFi or hard wired ??
    What about liability if your existing equipment has an unknown viruses and corrupts the ecu

    How soon will there be colne units out there to fool your test though

    #169481 Reply

    Reads like another idea coming to market not very well thought out!

    #169482 Reply
    Ken Ashton

    Readings at 2500 rpm and tick-over sound pretty close to “real world driving” to me.A sharp change of throttle can put emissions outside limits anyway . “Reasonable” to fail ? Is it pass or fail ?

    #169483 Reply
    Andrew Pywell

    Some manufacturers have programmed the MIL light to stay on even though the fault has cleared
    to encourage owners to visit there local dealer, so the light could be on with no fault present.

    #169487 Reply
    Steve J

    on some vehicles the Engine Management Light illuminates to inform the owner / driver that the vehicle is due an oil change or service, surely we should not be failing them because of this. if we do and the owner is switch on in the legal dept this would end up in a court of law im sure.

    #169488 Reply

    Sorry but interested to know what cars put on the engine light for a service ???
    Some cars do it the other way round and say service for engine faults and some cars illuminate the engine light if fuel is diluted but normally because the emission control system isn’t working correctly.
    Also I’d love to know what cars have the engine light on but no faults 😂😂 only ever seen that once were the vehicle had been remapped.
    My guess is your only looking at the obd system ?
    Also if we fail something correctly as per the rules then law suits aren’t our problem it’s a matter for the Dvsa

    #169503 Reply

    Do they have any mechanically qualified people in their department. I fear they don’t.

    #169507 Reply
    Steve J

    Paul, to answer youre question about mil lights on for oil change / service , its happens on Corsa Diesels and some Mondeo Diesels

    #169509 Reply
    Steve J

    And Paul additionally to youre previous comment about the law suit being DVSA problem, i would ask you to consider whether you would want to be dragged into court to give evidence and version of events if you failed the vehicle in question for displaying a Mil light.

    #170110 Reply
    Tim Hubbard

    I think if the car goes through the emissions test however a MIL is on you should not assume they are wrong it must be black or white.

    #170153 Reply
    S Oneill

    600 fraudulent mots carried out at my garage by someone I trusted I’ve lost my license and income no prosecution by vosa to the offender as I’m responsible for the tester.I accept responsibility for the tester but when he knocks them out in the pub for gain why should I be held responsible the system is to easy to defraud

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)


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