DVSA urges testers to complete MOT training and assessment on time

New topics include MOT changes, test quality information, data protection plus hybrids and electric vehicles

DVSA urges testers to complete MOT training and assessment on time
MOT training at the RMI Academy of Automotive Skills.

The DVSA is calling on testers to ensure they complete the 2018-2019 MOT training and assessment on time after some failed to do so or forgot to record the results before the March deadline earlier this year.

Writing on the Matters of Testing blog, Graham Martin, product manager for MOT training and annual assessment at DVSA, said: ” Some testers either didn’t complete the training in time or forgot to record their results before the March deadline which meant they were suspended from testing.

“To put these testers back on the system again our staff had to carry out important checks to verify their assessment certificates.

“This is a long process and it meant some testers were having to wait more than a week to be switched back on.

“Also, testers who had missed the deadline had to complete the training and assessment, and record their score, and then had to wait a considerable length of time to get a demonstration test.

“They needed to do this to get switched back on.”

MOT training and assessment 2018 to 2019 topics

The topics for group A and B include changes to the MOT test that came into effect in May, how to use test quality information and data protection for yourself and your customers.

For group B, an additional topic covers testing vehicles with alternative propulsion systems, such as hybrids and electric vehicles.

The pass mark remains at 70 per cent.

Graham concludes: “Because the close of last year’s annual assessment coincided with the Easter bank holiday, some testers’ annual assessment results were not uploaded in time to meet the cut-off date even though they had done it in time.

“This year, Easter won’t fall on the cut-off date so you shouldn’t find yourself in this situation again.”

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