DVSA warns of MOT fraud rise

Agency cracks down on fraudulent MOT practices endangering road safety

DVSA warns of MOT fraud rise

The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) has issued a warning to drivers: only book an MOT test at a registered site. Thousands of fraudulent cases have been recorded, with 710 involving dishonesty and negligence in vehicle maintenance and testing procedures.

DVSA powers allow them to ban offenders from testing and launch criminal action. In 2021, 127 authorised examiners were banned from running vehicle testing stations, and 288 were removed from the MOT scheme. These actions target serious offences, including dishonesty and gross negligence.

The DVSA emphasises that qualified testers entrusted with MOTs must not abuse the system. Honest garages deliver MOTs safely, and the agency aims to protect them from the greed of a dangerous few.

In one case, an MOT testing site owner received an 18-month prison sentence for 21 fraudulent incidents. A suspended two-year sentence was also imposed, along with 240 hours of unpaid work and a £5,000 contribution toward prosecution costs.

Remember, the MOT test ensures road safety. Choose a valid MOT to protect yourself and others on the road.

Source: GB News


  1. We all know it will be the same old names and places.

  2. you just have to look on facebook etc there are advertising dodgy mots our some off there uthere sites out there it will never stop it cameras were talked about but never happened


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