Euro Car Parts launches brand new video system for workshops

Innovative platform sends garage customers short videos explaining what additional repair work is needed

Euro Car Parts launches brand new video system for workshops
Garage owner Matt Smith says customers appreciate the transparency of the new system.

Euro Car Parts has launched its own video platform for repairers, which sends a short video explaining what additional repair work is needed to a customer’s vehicle.

The VIEWMECH workshop video system has been rolled out across the Euro Car Parts’ network, with early adopters reporting up to 25 per cent more work conversions thanks to the straight-forward advisory upselling process.

When a technician identifies additional, urgent or advisory work, VIEWMECH enables them to film a short video and then send it via a text message link to a branded customer landing page.

On average, the text messages are opened within two minutes, speeding up quote approval times for repairers.

The sign up kit includes an Apple iPod Touch to run the VIEWMECH app and film the videos; users can choose from two monthly subscription packages.

Basic, which includes up to 25 video uploads a month, and Premium, which includes up to 150 uploads.

Personalised customer experience

Matt Smith, owner of Bridge Autos in Halifax, said: “We find that sending personalised videos to our customers has a significant impact on the number of additional jobs that we convert.

“Our customers really appreciate the transparency and it helps them to understand any vehicle issues more easily. The feedback has been fantastic.”

The app works in conjunction with a dashboard, where the repairers can review the videos, add a quote and any notes before sending it to the customer and tracking how many views it has had.

There’s a VRM look-up facility to confirm the make and model of the vehicle and each technician has their own profile, making the whole customer experience even more personalised.

“Disrupts the market”

Martin Gray, chief executive officer of Euro Car Parts, said: “65 to 70 per cent of franchised dealers are using personalised customer video software, but until recently the cost has been prohibitive for most independent repairers; VIEWMECH disrupts the market and puts this tool in the hands of the independents.”

He continued: “We are very excited about VIEWMECH’s potential to enhance the professionalism of independent repairers, increase transparency, build trust and improve customer service.

“As well as boosting revenue, it can increase customer retention and help win new business. It is exactly the kind of affordable solution the sector needs.”

For more information about VIEWMECH, contact your local Euro Car Parts branch or click “more details” below.

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