Fake bearings seized in trading standards sting

Garages told to be vigilant after thousands of counterfeit bearings were confiscated

Fake bearings seized in trading standards sting
Thousands of counterfeit bearings have been seized.

Around one and a half tonnes of fake bearings have been seized by the West Yorkshire Trading Standards authority in a distributor raid.

Industrial and automotive bearings in 170 types and sizes were seized during the operation.

Members of SKF’s brand protection team who took part in the raid identified counterfeit versions of some of their company’s products.

Suspected non-genuine bearings with other manufacturers’ names were also seized.

Each year, SKF takes part in more than 100 raids against retailers, distributors and manufacturers of counterfeit products around the world.

SKF engineering manager, Paul Dysiewicz said: “Customers who accidentally purchase counterfeit products are being cheated financially, risk damage to their machinery and incur expensive downtime as a result.

“They may also be liable to third-party damages.”

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