Feather diesel show ‘genuine difference in quality’

A 'cheap' reman unit was found to have been missing essential parts and failed 'tests'

Feather diesel show ‘genuine difference in quality’
Feather Diesel pump.

Aftermarket specialist Feather Diesel Services (FDS) has followed a recent warning over variable diesel remanufacturing standards with a vivid illustration of real-world quality differences between products being sold in the UK aftermarket right now.

The Yorkshire-based diesel fuel injection specialist was prompted to speak out after a motor factor customer described one best-selling diesel pump as ‘expensive’.

Having purchased the cheap unit from a competitor for comparison, FDS noticed that not only had the whole pump had been sprayed black, in a failed attempt to mask visible rust and dirt, but the ZME valve had not been replaced.

Managing director of FDS, Steve said: “Once we saw the state of the unit and realised the single most expensive part hadn’t been changed we understood the price difference.

“The point is this wasn’t a ‘one off’ from a small supplier, it was in a batch manufactured to a supplier-determined remanufacturing standard that isn’t trustworthy.”

Failed tests

In tests, the part which was bought from a national motor factor was found to ‘fail on numerous points’ and it would not have been passed by FDS for sale.

“The frustration here was that our product was actually much better value but only if customers realise the difference in quality,” added Steve.

FDS has created and supplied free leaflets intended for UK garages to their entire national motor factor customer-base.

Feather Diesel is approved by the world’s leading diesel OEMs to repair a full range of diesel components.

Independent garages can benefit from a free UK collection and delivery service for repairs, with reconditioned service exchange units available from stock.

For further information or technical advice call 01422 387800 or go to the FDS website by following the ‘more details’ link below.

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