Ferrari owner gets £10,000 pay-out for pothole damage

Supercar suffered damage to the wheel, interior and suspension, leaving the vehicle off road for three months

An entrepreneur has been awarded £10,000 from a council after a pothole damaged his £150,000 Ferrari 458.

Owner, Scott Nicholas took the case to the small claims court where he received the sizeable pay-out.

He said: “It was a huge pothole.

“It could have knocked someone into the other lane of traffic and caused a crash.

“I was lucky nobody was heading towards me.

“When the airbags go off they go off like an explosive charge.

“It was a good job there was nobody in the passenger seat.

“I was driving along the road at about 10.30pm in May last year, when I hit something on the road.

“The passenger side door air bag went off and I nearly crashed.

“I thought I’d hit something and then I couldn’t believe when it was a pothole.”

The airbag ripped through the leather interior, causing around £6,000 worth of damage and the alloy wheel had to be replaced at a cost of around £3,000.

The suspension had also suffered from the impact.

Scott plans to donate the £10,000 to an accident charity.

He added: “In court I just felt they were obnoxious.

“They threw everything they could to try and get out of paying out.

“They even tried to say a super car shouldn’t be on the road.

“All I claimed for was the damage and the repair costs, nothing else.

“I was very sensible about it.

“It was never about the money, it was the principle.”

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