Forte introduces complete petrol system clean

New Forte product cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system pre, during and post combustion

Forte introduces complete petrol system clean
Forté has introduced 'complete petrol system clean' to address contamination in today’s compact, high output tight tolerance gasoline engines.

Engine treatment manufacturer, Forté has introduced a ‘complete petrol system clean’ to address contamination in today’s compact, high output tight tolerance gasoline engines.

The cleaner consists of Forté Petrol specialist injector cleaner and advanced formula gas treatment which act together to dissolve and remove contamination deposits that are formed in the fuel systems of petrol engines.

Left untreated, Forte say these deposits restrict the efficient delivery of fuel to the combustion chambers, resulting in increased fuel consumption, reduced performance and engine efficiency and poor running.

In a statement, Forte said: “Keeping the fuel system internally clean is paramount to ensure optimum performance and reduced tailpipe emissions.

“complete petrol system clean is compatible with all petrol fuels, including Ethanol up to E10 and all fuel system and engine components, including oxygen sensors, catalytic converters and gasoline particulate filters.

“Forté complete petrol system clean should be used at regular service intervals or whenever symptoms indicate that treatment is necessary.”

Phil Dugmore, Forté technical manager, said: “Today’s high pressure direct injection gasoline engines produce injection pressures of up to 300 Bar and are engineered to extremely tight tolerances to meet ever stringent emissions targets and deliver vehicle efficiency and fuel economy.

“As a result, these engines are susceptible to even the smallest amount of contamination due to incomplete combustion.

“Forté complete petrol system clean provides a highly effective solution to addressing this problem in the latest petrol engines, by enabling workshops to clean, lubricate and protect the entire fuel system from the tank to the tailpipe.”

To find out more about ‘complete petrol system clean’ and Forté’s engine treatments and service programmes select ‘more details’ below or call 024 7642 1131.

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