Frustrated residents block school drop offs using bin barricade

Anglesey residents blocked parents dropping kids off at school in attempt to avoid "anti-social" parking

Frustrated residents block school drop offs using bin barricade
Maes Cybi residents in Holyhead, Anglesey blocked the entrance to their road to prevent parents "horrendeous" driving. Image: Google maps 2018.

Residents in Maes Cybi, Anglesey used their bins to block the entrance of their road to prevent parents dropping kids off at the new Ygsol Cybi school.

Despite having a car park at the school, the angry protestors claimed that the parents did not bother to use it.

Claiming to have witnessed “horrdenous” and “anti-social” parking, and voicing fears of child safety, the residents took it upon themselves to protect their street.

Gemma Whittaker said: “It’s been much quieter and smoother and feels safer now they found the car park.

“I am hoping it continues this way now for everyone’s benefit and safety.”

Since the school returned from Christmas break, there has been a noticeable improvement in the parents’ attitudes.

A fellow resident said that none of the parents used the street for parking and only a handful actually drove down the road.

Mrs. Whittaker continued: “I think they should all go through the right channels with the right people and if it falls on deaf ears then they should do what they need to do to get their voices heard.”

A council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the concerns raised in respect of Maes Cybi and will be working with local partners to consult with residents on options to improve the situation.”

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