Average MOT repair bill is over £325, new research suggests

46 per cent have struggled to find money to cover repair bill

Average MOT repair bill is over £325, new research suggests
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The average cost of putting a car right after a failed MOT is £326.85 with 30 per cent of failures down to faulty lights, new research has found.

Motorists pay out an average of £272 for the repairs, amounting to a total cost of £326.85 when the £54.85 testing fee is taken into account.

Government figures show 30 per cent of all MOT failures relate to lightbulbs, ten per cent are for tyres and 8.5 per cent for drivers’ view of the road, including issues with mirrors, wipers and washers.

A survey of 2,000 motorists conducted by the Good Garage Scheme found 27 per cent of drivers don’t know how to check their tyre pressure, 29 per cent can’t pump a tyre up and 50 per cent are unable to change a wheel.

Owners struggle to cover bills

Of those surveyed, 43 per cent said they had owned a car that failed its MOT, while 46 per cent have struggled to find the money to pay the repair bill.

It also found that 26 per cent can’t check their oil or top it up and 39 per cent don’t know how to refill the engine’s anti-freeze or coolant.

Some 73 per cent aren’t aware that their car may automatically fail if the fuel reserve light is on as the garage won’t be able to test emissions properly.

Respondents in Liverpool paid the most for their MOTs with an average of £441.38, while at the other end of the scale, those in Belfast were only charged £78.17.

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    Jon Morgan

    Fuel reserve light on is not a reason to fail.
    This comes under refusal to test if the vehicle needs to be driven to complete the test.
    So technically it is a “sorry sir, as you are obviously stupid we aren’t able to test your car until you gather together some common sense and put some fuel in the tank”
    Thought it was worth a mention.

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    Which proves how vital the MOT Test is !!!
    The vehicles which fail are below the required standard, probably have been for some time and without the MOT test would continue to be so to the detriment of all road users.

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    Peter Miles

    I’m not sure of all the details but I gather the test is very different in Northern Ireland. Which probably accounts for the quoted cost difference.
    Other than that these failures at an average cost of £272 must be more than a couple of light bulbs which, as said earlier, reinforces how valuable the MOT test is. Although I daresay some of the owners will be moening about having to pay out rather than keep driving their dangerous vehicles!

    #168298 Reply

    jim walker

    Jon, how right you are, we get ‘well cant you go and put some fuel in it as your using it to MOT’ yea right we will wash and valet it to !!! not

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