Drivers show caution over AdBlue passenger car technology

Latest emissions scandal prompts more doubt about vehicle manufacturers

Drivers show caution over AdBlue passenger car technology
Recent reports suggest new reports suggest a tank of AdBlue can be used in just a few thousand miles.

Survey findings suggest 70 per cent of drivers will avoid AdBlue diesels because “they no longer trust the treatment and worry about the inflated running costs”, according to Servicing Stop.

In a recent press release Servicing Stop said: “AdBlue has always been sold to drivers of applicable vehicles as a way of minimising emissions in an economical way.

“It was promised to protect your vehicle for thousands of miles but it has just been revealed that a diesel vehicle may power through a whole tank of AdBlue in just a few thousand miles – increasing running costs and inflating emissions.

“In the same week, newly leaked documents suggested that Daimler, parent company of Mercedes Benz, has used software hacks to cheat emission rules meaning the premium cars emit ten times the allowable levels of nitrogen oxide.”

Servicing Stop findings show a further 73 per cent who say the scandal has changed their perception of Mercedes-Benz.

Just under a third of drivers have turned a blind eye to the scandal claiming they will still purchase vehicles requiring AdBlue while just over a quarter remain loyal to Mercedes.

When asked if recent scandals made them distrust low-emission vehicles generally, 69 per cent of motorists said yes.

Chief executive officer and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond, said: “The entire automotive industry has turned its head in favour of lowering emissions, and why wouldn’t we?

“As a collective, we are trying to protect the planet as well as our own health – so it’s a shock to see companies, not only refusing to comply with new emission rules – but trying to cheat them.

“It’s a huge shock and a massive shame as it has clearly reduced trust in the whole campaign.”

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