Online servicing platform launches promotion to boost customer retention

Servicing Stop is spreading Christmas cheer by randomly providing free services, vouchers and more

Online servicing platform launches promotion to boost customer retention
Mark was selected by the Servicing Stop elves to win back the money spent on his full petrol service.

Servicing Stop is giving away vouchers, services, MOT’s and even refunds to customers chosen at random in a bid to keep the holiday spirit alive and improve customer retention.

Mark from Stockport had his BMW 4 Series collected, serviced and delivered as usual Thursday, 30 November.

The following Monday morning, Mark got an early Christmas surprise when Servicing Stop contacted him with his refund.

Mark said: “It was very kind and much appreciated, perfect timing before Christmas.

“It was very easy to book the service on the website and select a suitable date for my vehicle to be serviced.

“My car was picked up and dropped off at the pre-arranged times by a friendly employee and I was kept fully up to date on the work that needed to be done.”

Checking the list

Servicing Stop refunded Mark’s £114.27 spent on his service on the day as he was on a list along with 18 other winners, who have received a free service, MOT or £100 voucher for next year.

The list will continue to grow until December 25, when the company closes its doors but the surprises will continue into the new year.

Chief executive officer and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond, said: “Christmas is truly the season of giving, and while we know most people won’t necessarily fancy a car service or MOT waiting for them under the tree, this is our way of wishing our customers a very merry Christmas and allowing them a little extra money in their pockets to go and treat themselves or their loved ones.

“It will also bring something back to your business in the means of loyal customers and a glowing review.”

For further information about the Servicing Stop network, click ‘more details’ below.

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