Ford Focus ST170 tops list of cars most likely to become collectable

ST170 predicted to be most likely to get classic status in 30 years' time according to WhoCanFixMyCar research

Ford Focus ST170 tops list of cars most likely to become collectable

Online garage and car repair marketplace, has revealed the cars most likely to be classed as collectable in 30 years’ time, with the Ford Focus ST170 topping the list.

The website partnered with a classic car expert, Graham Eason of Great Escape Cars to compile the list and create a set of guidelines for prospective classic car owners and buyers.

The list includes information about the benefits of each car and why they are likely to rise in value, such as the rarity of a Jaguar XJS V12 in good condition, the interior detailing of the Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo and the reliability of the MGF.

Top five future classics

  1. Ford Focus ST170 – £1,000-£2,000
  2. Jaguar XJS V12 – £9,000+
  3. Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo – £1,400+
  4. Aston Martin DB7 V12 – £20,000+
  5. MGF – £1,000-£3,500

Eason highlights the most common maintenance issues to look out for with each car, such as poor modifications, high mileage, rust and electrical issues. also advises on the most effective ways to keep your car in good condition, such as regularly checking and changing oil, taking good care of bodywork, replacing brake pads and keeping the interior clean. is an online marketplace connecting more than 12,000 garage and repair centres with drivers around the UK.

The site has processed over one million repair requests from UK drivers and receives 60,000 new job requests every month.

Graham Eason, director of Great Escape Cars, said: “It’s always interesting to hear which cars people believe will be worth a small fortune in a few decades, but there is a real chance that thousands of people could own a future collectable.

“At Great Escape Cars, our fleet covers everything from 1950s Morris Minors to 2006 Aston Martin DB9s and while many people wouldn’t have given those cars a second glance all those years ago, today they’re worth tens of thousands of pounds.

“Cars such as the Jaguar XJS V12 and the MGF that are unique, reliable and great fun to drive have already begun to appreciate and we’re likely to only see their value rise.

“However, cars like these must be properly looked after, not only to retain their value but for them to appreciate as the years go by.”

Al Preston, co-founder of, said: “We always recommend keeping your car in the best condition you can, especially if your make or model is rising in value, such as those above.

“A big part of that is finding the right garage.

“This list goes to show what a fantastic investment cars can be.

“You never know, you could be sitting on thousands of pounds – if you ensure that your car is kept in good working order, of course.”

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