WhoCanFixMyCar hits 500,000 jobs milestone

Website also celebrates 500 jobs for Birmingham garage Aldermere Service Center

WhoCanFixMyCar hits 500,000 jobs milestone
Aldermere Service Centre in Birmingham recently celebrated its 500th job through WhoCanFixMyCar.

Over 500,000 drivers have now used WhoCanFixMyCar.com (WCFMC) to get quotes from locally-rated garages in their area, the website has reported.

With over 9,000 garages nationwide, WCFMC is processing 35,000 new job requests each month.

Co-founder, Al Preston, said: “Milestones are always nice but WCFMC is focused on our next phase of growth, some new exciting products and delivering more value for drivers and our garage members.”

One garage profiting from the work being generated is Aldermere Service Centre, a business based in Birmingham.

Owner Craig Parkes recently won his 500th job on the platform having already won Best Garage 2016 – Birmingham, in the WhoCanFixMyCar Garage Awards.

Working closely with part supplier CES, Craig has been able to deliver service to drivers in Birmingham since opening his doors in 2015.

The business has since moved to a bigger premises in order to deal with the amount of work being generated by WCFMC.

Parkes, said: “I joined WhoCanFixMyCar.com to bring more money into the business and it’s fair to say it has completely transformed how I run the garage.

“I’m on the platform day and night, sending quotes to motorists and communicating with them as often as possible; I’ll often be lying in bed sending off messages.

“I have got to the point where 70 – 80 per cent  of my business comes through WhoCanFixMyCar.com which shows you how important it is.”

To sign your garage up to WCFMC, click the ‘more details’ button below.

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