Garage owner called as witness in premises murder trial

Bodybuilding champion's death trial hears key testimony

Garage owner called as witness in premises murder trial

An Ayrshire garage owner testified yesterday that he saw the man accused of murdering bodybuilder Michael O’Hanlon holding a bloodstained knife. Ian Hamilton, 40, identified the accused as Steven Kirkwood, 44, who is on trial for Mr. O’Hanlon’s stabbing death.

Mr. Hamilton recounted the events leading up to the alleged stabbing. He stated that Kirkwood arrived at the garage, and shortly after, Mr. O’Hanlon entered with another man, Forbes Cowan. An argument ensued, and Mr. Cowan attempted to remove Kirkwood. After a brief standoff, Mr. O’Hanlon reportedly charged at Kirkwood, leading to a physical struggle.

Mr. Hamilton’s most critical testimony involved witnessing Kirkwood holding a knife. He described the weapon as a large Bowie-style knife with a bright handle. He further stated that he saw blood on both the knife and the office doorway.

The defense lawyer, Derek Ogg, pointed out that Kirkwood likely couldn’t leave the office due to Mr. O’Hanlon and Mr. Cowan blocking the exit. He also established that both men exchanged blows during the fight.

The trial is ongoing, with the prosecution alleging that Kirkwood repeatedly struck Mr. O’Hanlon with a knife. Kirkwood denies all charges, including murder, possessing a knife in public, and attempting to tamper with evidence. He claims self-defense as his justification.

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