Garage owner laid to rest with Brexit-themed funeral

Mechanic to have ashes placed in 50 year-old van and set alight in 'two-fingered salute' to EU

Garage owner laid to rest with Brexit-themed funeral
Peter Fitkin will have his ashes placed inside his former van and set alight.

A former garage owner had a Brexit-themed funeral on the day Britain was due to leave the EU after crashing into a tree while driving to hospital suffering from a suspected heart attack.

Peter Fitkin, 68, of Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, had been suffering from chest pains for several days before the crash on 24 February, which subsequently led to a Brexit-themed funeral.

Mourners wore England shirts and Union Flags to the funeral of the former mechanic, whose coffin was carried in the back of an English-themed van he had owned for 50 years, called Gloria.

The father-of-two is survived by his wife Heather, 62, son George, 34, who has taken over at his garage in the village, and son, Tom, 23.

After his chest pains worsened, Fitkin attempted to drive himself to A&E, before crashing into a tree.

Friend, Paul Williams, 60, said: “You couldn’t write the way Ike (Fitkin) died, like you couldn’t write the way the Brexit crap has panned out.

“He would be devastated if he was here to see what is going on today, and we really wanted to send him off on the day we left the EU.

“It would have been such a fitting way to say bye.”

Williams added: “He loved his family and his friends and he had time for anyone that wanted a chat, he was a really big character in the community.”

A friend wore a red, white and blue suit to lead the funeral parade to West Hertford Crematorium on Friday, 29 March.

‘Two-fingered salute’ to emissions regs

In line with the former garage owner’s wishes, plans have been put in motion to place his ashes in his former van and set it alight.

Brother-in-law Stewart Mitchell, 60, said the fumes would be Peter’s ‘two fingered salute’ to EU chiefs determined to drive down emissions.

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