Digital training brings a new level of flexibility

Technicians and workshop owners praise Our Virtual Academy for its innovative approach to technical training

Digital training brings a new level of flexibility
Our Virtual Academy covers a wide range of topics, from the core fundamentals through to the more complicated subjects such as hybrid and electric vehicle technology.

While you’re likely to understand the importance of training to update your knowledge and ensure you’re able to efficiently work on today’s vehicles, you’re also likely to recognise the difficulties many independent garage owners face when it comes to taking the time out of the workshop to invest in worthwhile training courses.

It’s a predicament that an innovative new digital training concept hopes to eliminate.

Our Virtual Academy gives 24/7 access to interactive video content, designed to save garage owners and technicians time and money while also improving workshop productivity.

Since its launch late last year, the online training service has already attracted more than 2,000 registered users…

This article first featured in GW Views, click here to continue reading and find out what other independent garages have to say about Our Virtual Academy.

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